Attari Wagah Border Amritsar Tour

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Attari Wagah Border Amritsar Tour

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Places to Visit: Golden Temple | Gurudwara Mata kaulan | Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum | Partition Museum | Hall Bazar | Jallian wala Bagh | Wagah Border

Tour Overview:

Amritsar is a vivid city of Punjab which is arranged in Majha district of the state. Amritsar is the biggest and most significant city of Punjab as it is the profound and social focus of the Sikh Religion. Home of the incredible Brilliant Sanctuary, the notorious city of Amritsar, depicts the valorous character of the Punjab. Amritsar is very much associated with the greater part of the significant urban communities of India as far as streets and transport framework. The principle celebration of the city, Baisakhi draws out Amritsar’s great side with its lip-smacking cooking, bright garments and cheerful climate. The one of a kind customary food and unbelievable Punjabi cordiality further does magic upon the guest. Amritsar today is a thriving city with dynamic the travel industry and exchange ventures. Alongside the famous blessed objections Amritsar has a ton to bring to the table to the vacationers. Wagah, Attari is the solitary street line intersections among India and Pakistan that lies between Amritsar city in India and Lahore in Pakistan. The esteemed banners bringing down function happens here at the Wagah Line which is a day by day military practice followed by the Boundary Security Power of India and the Pakistani Officers, since 1959. Wagah Line pulls in guests all over India in huge numbers including individuals of all age gatherings. The entire enthusiastic climate and the eminent show set up by the BSF and Pakistan Officers make a visit to Wagah a grasping encounter. Wheelzonrent offers Amritsar Attari Wagah border tour that takes you to visit important destinations of Amritsar city and allows you to witness patriotic scenes of Wagah Attari border!


1. Brilliant Sanctuary: Quite possibly the most profound spots in India and the holiest sanctuaries in Sikhism, Brilliant Sanctuary is otherwise called Sri Harmandir Sahib. This blessed objective is bursting at the seams with strict enthusiasm and holiness. Its god likeness and beauty must be capable and not portrayed. In the wake of experiencing attacks and times and tear-downs, it was reproduced by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1830 with simply marble and gold. It is found right in focus of Amritsar city. Despite the huge number of enthusiasts clamoring in the premises of the sanctuary, the solitary voice you will hear around you is the serenades of the quiet Sikh supplications.

2. Gurudwara Mata Kaulan: The holy place Gurudwara Mata Kaulan, is situated on the west of the Brilliant Sanctuary in Amritsar. It is a commemoration named after Bibi Kaulan, a holy person woman who was raised as a Muslim however then picked Hinduism later in her life, turning into a devoted understudy of Master Har Gobind. Kaulsar Sarovar, situated close to the Gurudwara Mata Kaulan, is the sacred lake where enthusiasts were encouraged to take a dunk in prior to moving towards the Amrit Sarovar. Kaulsar Sarovar is the ideal spot for sightseers to feel a feeling of serenity and practice contemplation.

3. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Historical center: Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gallery is a stunning structure which is a mid year castle transformed into exhibition hall. It safeguards the Illustrious Legacy of Maharaja Ranjit Singh like arms and shield, remarkable artistic creations, wall paintings and compositions. The castle premises is encircled by the wonderful Rambagh Nurseries that is mainstream for its notorious sculpture of the gallant lord with his pony.

4. Segment Historical center: The Parcel Gallery is the first-since forever exhibition hall in the entire world devoted to stories and injury of the large numbers of individuals who experienced the barbarous results of a heartless segment. This gallery was as of late opened up at City center in Amritsar and is created by Expressions of the human experience and Social Legacy Trust. News sections, mature age photos and individual things of individuals who lived during the Parcel are safeguarded and introduced at Segment Exhibition hall.


Situated at a 28 km from Amritsar city, Wagah Boundary denotes the limits among India and Pakistan. Individuals from everywhere the nation visit this spot to encounter the Beating Retreat Service that is held each prior day dusk which incorporates bringing down the banners and shutting of the global doors of the two nations. It is an exceptional encounter to be seen and is an occasion where the core of each Indian is loaded up proudly and energy. During the underlying phase of the service, the group participates in singing the Indian public hymn, yells of nationalism, rounds of adulation and Bollywood-style moving on Hindi tunes are additionally performed.


Amritsar isn’t simply home to a huge number of Sikhs yet in addition is primary journey objective for Sikhs living everywhere on the world. Amritsar holds quite a few kinds of Punjab to make you experience the legitimate Punjabi culture and neighborliness. The delicious cooking, lively cordial local people and serene heavenly objections fill hearts of guests with warmth. Another appealing element of this Amritsar Attari Wagah line visit is the visit to Wagah line that will alert the energetic Indian inside you and will fill your heart with satisfaction and love for our country. Car Rental Company Delhi offers well curated visit bundles that give an open to visiting experience with no problems. You can likewise look at our other Punjab visit bundles and Amritsar visit bundles that cater stunning experience. So book an Amritsar Attari Wagah line visit bundle for you and your family and gain lovely experiences on this short yet magnificent visit!

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