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Village Tourism in North India

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India, the Civilization which began in the valley of the Indus River, has grown today to be the world’s largest democracy. Since the past, India has been reined by great powers who have added to the beauty, prosperity, culture, and intellect of the country. The reigning powers constituted of the Maurya Dynasty, the Gupta Dynasty, the Gazni Dynasty, the Mamluk Dynasty, the Tughlaq Dynasty, the Lodhi Dynasty, the Mughal Dynasty, the Marathas, the Peshwas, etc. Many structures built by these powers are exquisite in its architecture and at present stand as famous historical monuments. Most of the tour packages in India include viewing of such historical structures, monuments, artifacts, etc. People believe that these monuments stand as testimony and tell the tale of the progression of India. What fails to come to our notice is the fact that these structures while commissioned by those few who were in power, were accomplished by a large number of common people and artisans who are not known to anyone. While the rulers were appreciative of art, the poor were performers of that art. We are happier that finally, people are starting to understand that even though the magnificent structures and historically well-known places tell a story, the people who are alive and are artisans for their lifetime are much good storytellers. And as such, they have more to tell us and more to show us about the history and culture of India through their daily life. This awareness in people has slowly created a demand for tourism which involves a closer look at the lifestyles of the local people who have been artisans for generations. And thus Village tourism in India is evolving as an important aspect of the Tourism industry.

When the Mughals ruled India, they tried not to disrupt the lifestyle and culture of the common people, they only added on to it. However, it was a different scenario when the British colonized India. They had brought some warranted and some not so much warranted changes within the country. With respective of the British interference, or rather despite them, deep within some rural spaces in India, remain some communities, some tribes, which have been unaffected by the exterior changes. Neither the invading foreign powers nor Globalization has had much effect on these places. These spaces are the real crux of India and are the torch bearers of the age-old traditions and cultures. They are not bribed by modernity, and when we visit them, they give the feel as if time has stopped still.

We at Wheelzonrent offer the nature lover and the art appreciator in you to be a part of Rural Tourism in India and discover the way of life of Rural India, the traditions they follow, their culture, the arts and crafts made by them, their food, and much more. Being able to firsthand witness the age-old customs and traditions, being able to communicate with the people at the grass-root level and being able to understand their lives, their thinking, their opinions, will surely help you to cleanse yourself of the staleness of our daily robotic metropolitan life. Though India ranks second in terms of population, agriculture still remains the major occupation. So that many of the rural people are dependent on agriculture and agriculture-related activities. Village Tourism in North India takes you across different villages in different parts of India. What this tourism offers you is a tryst with nature and nature-loving people. It gives you a sneak peek into the truly sustainable lifestyles of rural people, wherein the human and nature are in harmony. It is a tour which takes you to experience everything unadulterated, right from the food to the smiles and emotions of the people.

The daily life of people in Indian villages starts rather early in the morning and consists of a great deal of physical labour. We, city dwellers have been much used in using our mental capacity to work, that we forget the sheer persistence and efforts required in physical work. May be in your few days tour, will know what can substitute for your gym regime. The main highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the communication with the rural people. With the simplicity and lack of luxury all around, what will tug on your heart strings is the hospitality that the village folks provide. Unlike the reserve and aloofness of the city, the villages are much more communicative, these are the people who are interdependent, through their culture as well as livelihood.


  • Visit the remotest, untouched villages in India
  • Enjoy the serenity and simplicity devoid of unnecessary luxury
  • Experience the genuine hospitality of Rural India.
  • Get tastes of lip-smacking unadulterated local cuisine.
  • Witness art comes to life in the hands of local craftsmen.
  • Interact with the villager artisans so that you hear the artists rather than merely the art
  • Stay in the rural parts and be a part of the journey of the everyday life of the locals.
  • Be refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


Considering the increasing pollution in cities, the unhealthy lifestyles of the metropolis, which is like an invitation to diseases, we at Wheelzonrent have come up with numerous Village tours in India so as to take you out of your robotic lives in concrete jungles, and place you directly in the untouched, unknown, little villages with their sustainable dwellings, hardworking lives, artistic minds, and pure hearts. To experience the real India, come, and join us for a Village tour in North India, which is bound to detox your mind, body and soul.


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