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Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), is situated on Observatory slope one of the seven slopes of Shimla. Shaped in 1964, this foundation was formally introduced by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan the previous President of India on twentieth October 1965.

The historical backdrop of this learning focus is over 100 years of age. IIAS was initially worked as home for Lord Duffein, who was the Viceroy of India amid the years 1884 and 1888.

It was known as the Visceregal Lodge around then. Numerous memorable choices, including the Shimla Conference of 1945 and the Separation of Pakistan and East Pakistan in 1947, have been taken in this building.

Post-freedom, the structure was renamed as Rashtrapati Nivas and was utilized by the President of India as a late spring retreat. It was later changed over into an examination place for Indian culture, religion, humanities and social and characteristic sciences. The structural excellence of the building is curious and enrapturing.

Henry Irwin, an engineer in Public Works Department, planned the building. The utilization of dark stone and fascinating Burmese teak gives this legacy constructing a wonderful look that hypnotizes spectators at the main look. A wonderful garden and very much supplied historical center are likewise situated inside the grounds.


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Jhakhu Temple is one of Shimla prominent spots of religious significance. It is arranged 2.5 km far from the edge, at a rise of 8000 ft above ocean level. Visitors either can stroll up to the Temple from the edge or can procure a horse or taxi. This antiquated holy place was worked by a sage named Yaaku and is committed to the Hindu god Hanuman.

There are various legends related with the inception of the sanctuary, one of which expresses that Lord Hanuman ceased at the Jhakhu Hill when he was searching for Sanjeevani herb. He met sage Yaaku on the peak and after that pushed forward in his excursion.

The unpredictable carvings and canvases on the dividers of this religious structure affirm the ability of draftsmen and craftsmans. The 108 feet high symbol of Lord Hanuman is the significant highlight of the sanctuary. Dussehra is a standout amongst the most vital celebrations celebrated here. The place of worship witnesses a gigantic inundation of lovers consistently because of its vestige and religious unmistakable quality.


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Christ Church is the second most seasoned Roman Catholic Shrine in North India and the most established in Shimla. Col. J. T. Boileau started the development of the sanctum in 1844, which was finished in 1846. The house of God was blessed on tenth January 1857 by Bishop Wilson of Calcutta.

In the year 1860, Colonel Dumbleton contributed a clock that highlights the magnificence of the congregation even today. Five impeccable recolored glasses in the congregation speak to the Christian Virtues of Faith. You will be astonished to realize that the congregations Pipe Organ, worked in the year 1899, is the greatest in Indian Subcontinent. Sketches and batiks that depict scenes from Jesus Christ life are other great components of the Church.

Substantial snowfall made a considerable measure of harm the holy place, destroying its apexes and eroding its dividers, in the year 1961. In any case, despite everything it remains with blissful class, inferable from extensive reclamation and normal support. On the off chance that you are looking for a tranquil spot to ponder, implore and unwind, this congregation will be a flawless place of rest.


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