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Hero Upcoming New Bikes In India 2018

Hero Xtreme 200S

Hero Xtreme 200S - wheelzonrent- Bike Rental Delhi

Hero will probably bring a greater, badder Xtreme to the market before some other bicycle on this rundown of up and coming new Hero bicycles in India. Why This bicycle will be founded on the Xtreme Sports, which is as of now at a bargain. Be that as it may, while that bicycle has a 149.2cc motor, this bicycle will probably have a 199.3cc motor. It will probably yield 20BHP power and 17Nm torque. A six-speed transmission on the bicycle is additionally likely. Anticipate that the Xtreme 200S will have ABS as discretionary gear.



Estimated Price 95,000, 1.05 lakh
Launch Date April/May 2018
Engine Carbureted, single-cylinder, 199.3cc
Power 20 BHP
Torque 17 Nm
Transmission 6-speed


Hero Impulse 200cc

Hero Impulse 200cc - wheelzonrent - Bike On Rent Delhi

Hero endeavored to accomplish something radical with the presentation of Impulse a few years back. In any case, the bicycle was not too gotten as Hero had trusted. Today, the market is more than prepared for such bicycles, which is the reason this is maybe the most-anticipated of all the up and coming new Hero bicycles. We figure Hero will probably convey this to the market by Seeptember 2018. Anticipate that the motor will be the same as the Xtreme 200S, which is a 200cc, fuel-infused, single chamber unit making 18.6 PS and 17.2 Nm.

Price 1.10 Lakh, 1.30 Lakh
Launch Date September 2018
Engine Fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 200cc
Power 18.6 PS
Torque 17.2 Nm
Transmission 6-speed


Hero HX250R

Hero HX250R - wheelzonrent - sports bike on rent delhi

The HX250R appears like a substitution for the Karizma. Notwithstanding, what can be said without a doubt is that it will be an all-new model from Hero. With a motor dislodging 249cc, this present bicycle’s energy and torque yields will probably be near 23BHP and 20Nm, individually. From the picture (of the idea) above, we can find that this bicycle will probably have plate brakes at the two finishes. Likewise, it will have an adaptive fork in advance yet a monoshock at the back. The windshield of the bicycle is upright, recommending that it will be a game tourer and not a sportbike. So these are the three forthcoming new bicycles in India, 2018 from Hero MotoCorp.

Estimated Price 1.50 Lakh to 1.70 Lakh
Launch Date September 2018
Engine Fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 249cc
Power 23BHP
Torque 20Nm
Transmission 6-speed


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