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Duration : 3 Nights / 4 Days
Places to Visit: Pushkar Lake | Brahma Temple | Varaha Temple | Apteshwar Temple | Wildlife Sanctuary | Mount Abu | Rose Garden| Singh Sabha Gurudwara | Dilwara Temple | Nakki Lake


Rajasthan or the pre-independence ‘Rajputana’ is home to the Thar Dessert. Being situated in the North-east of India, and having the Tropic of Cancer passing through it, the climate here during summers is usually dry, and arid, and hot. Hence, the tourist activities during the summer in Rajasthan are much less. However, Again being bestowed with Aravalli Mountain ranges, Rajasthan also has some places which are worth visiting in the summers.Rajasthan Summer Tour Packageswhich are planned considering the climate of the state and the luxury of thee tourist both. Rajasthan has many Wildlife sanctuaries which are home to wild predators like the lion, tigers, leopards, etc. and summer is the time for spotting a predator lazing around. Thus, without a doubt our Summer Special Tour Packages in Rajasthan includes various wild-life tourism spots. Also, Rajasthan is bestowed with a one and only Hill station which makes visiting Rajasthan in summer much bearable. Hence, if you are considering touring India during your summer vacations, instead of immediately foregoing Rajasthan, take a look at our Rajasthan Summer Vacation Tour. It makes for a lively, colourful, spiritual and eco-tourism filled tour.


  • Pushkar LakeIn the city of ‘Tirtha-Raj’ / Pushkar, the Pushkar Lake is a beautiful as well as holy spot. This lake is surrounded by over 500 temples and 52 Ghats. The waters of Pushkar are considered holy and Pilgrims flock here to take a dip in the holy waters to wash off their sins.
  • Pushkar BazaarThe colorful Pushkar Bazaar is a place to shop for traditional Rajasthani clothes, jewelry, other accessories, and various other handicraft items.
  • Brahma Temple: Pushkar is the home to the only temple in the entire world which is dedicated to the Creator of Universe, the Lord Bramha. Constructed in the 14th Century, from stone slabs and marble, it is one of the 5 sacred pilgrimages in India for the Hindus. The Temple also has images of the two wives of Lord Bramha – Gayatri and Savitri.
  • Apteshwar Temple: It is an underground shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Varaha Temple: This is a temple of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a wild boar i.e. Varaha.
  • Rangji TempleThis is a temple of Rangji, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple’s architectural style is an amalgamation of South Indian style and the Mughal style.
  • Singh Sabha Gurudwara: The Great Guru Nanak Dev had visited Pushkar, and in his commemoration, a Gurudwara was constructed here. It is also called as Guru Nanak Dharmashala.
  • Rose Garden: The rose garden has various species grown by the local farmers as well as some species which have be imported from different countries and cultivated.
  • Dilwara Temples: Inspired by the Nagara style of architecture, the Dilwara Temples are the most breathtaking Jain pilgrimage sitesin the world. All the Dilwara Temples are single storied, sporting 48 pillars, and are of the same size. The temples are of marble with beautiful carvings so much so that some even consider it superior to the Taj Mahal.
  • Nakki LakeNakki lake it the first artificial lake in India being 11,00- meters deep. This artificial, natural beauty is surrounded by landscape of green on all the sides and boating and zorbing are the favorite tourist’s’ sports here
  • Mount Abu Wildlife SanctuaryThe Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is an eco-tourism spot, which no nature lover would want to miss. Set amidst the Aravalli Ranges, the mountain height here ranges from 300 m to 1722 m. Here lies Gurushikhar, which is 1722 m high, and is the highest peak of the Aravalli Mountain Range. This sanctuary is abode for some of the rarest species of Hyenas and Jackals.
  • Arbuda Devi TempleArbuda Devi, the reincarnation of Katyayani Devi is a revered goddess and her temple is a sacred pilgrim point. The temple has a large number of steps and it is quite a strenuous climb to reach here.


  • Car Rental Delhi – Wheelzonrent.in provides number of India Summer Tour Packages including eco-tourism and wildlife tourism as part of the tour. Also, being able to visit Rajasthan in the summer, being able to experience the joy of sightseeing at a hill station is not to be missed. For further enquiry, call us or refer to our Rajasthan Tour Packages and chose a Rajasthan Summer Vacation Tour which will be a once in a lifetime experience. For such, book now our 3 Nights, 4 Days Delhi Summer Tour Packages.
  • Day 01: Delhi to RanthamboreIn the morning, you’ll be received by our Rajasthan Summer Tour Packages representative at Delhi. You’ll be driven across 372km and will reach the town of Pushkar after traveling for about 6 hours 30 minutes. Reach your Hotel, unpack and rest. In the evening stroll around and shop at the Pushkar Bazar. Return to hotel, dine and sleep.
  • Day 02: Pushkar ExcursionWake up early morning, have breakfast and visit Pushkar Lake. The water of ‘Tirtha-Raj’ i.e. King of pilgrimage or Pushkar is considered to be holy and taking a dip here is considered to absolve one of his sins. After the holy bath, change, and go visiting some of the famous temples like the Bramha Temple, the Apteshwar Temple, the Varah Temple Rangji Temple, Singh Sabha Gurudwara, and lastly the Rose garden. Give your taste buds a spike with traditional spicy Rajasthani food. In the evening go sightseeing at Kishangarh. Return, dine and pack your bags and sleep.
  • Day 03: Pushkar to Mount AbuEarly morning after breakfast, go for Camel safari to catch the beautiful desert sunrise. Then we leave Pushkar to travel 380 km and reach Mount Abu in around 7 hours. We take a break for lunch. After reaching Mount Abu, settle in your Camp. Watch the sunset at sunset point, and spend the remaining evening at your leisure. Dine at the Camp and rest for a power-packed day tomorrow.
  • Day 04: Mount Abu ExcursionWake up early morning; fill your stomach and gear up for trekking. Visit some of the famous Dilwara Temples and the Arbuda Devi Temple. Have lunch in afternoon and later on go sightseeing at the beautiful Nakki lake. Go for boating and even zorbing at the lake. Also, enjoy the local food near the lake. Return to the Hotel for dinner and rest.
  • Day 05: Departure From Mount AbuWake up early morning and go exploring Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Explore the various flora and fauna laying in abundance here. Return to Hotel for Lunch. Pack your bags and travel 135 km to reach Udaipur after approximately 2 hours of traveling. You’ll be dropped at Udaipur Airport by our Rajasthan Summer Tour Packages representative. Catch a 1 hour 30 minutes flight to Delhi, covering a distance of 540 km.
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  • Shopping
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