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Duration : 4 Nights / 5 Days
Places to Visit: Samode Village | Mandawa Village | Bishnoi Village | Chandelao Village | Khuri Village


Rajasthan, the ‘land of Kings’ is the north-western province of India. It is rather well known for the grandeur and opulence of its past rulers and the palaces and forts that they built. While that stays true, we at Wheelzonrent, have the other side of the coin to present to you – our Village Tour Packagesto understandthe common Rajasthani Folks. When the Kings ruled, the common folks were ruled upon. While many tout to experience the lives of the past kings, what about the lives of the common people in the past? What about their lives today when no ruler exists? What is the lifestyle of the real Rajasthani ‘Common man’? There are a great number of Villages in Rajasthan which are waiting for you to be explored. The art and craft and skills of the artisans in these villages, their numerous unknown occupations, their folk culture, folk dressing, folk singing, celebrations all are today within your grasp to uncover and savour with Rural Tourism in Rajasthan. The Bishnoi, Mandawa, Neemrana, Dholpurm Bundi, Deogarh, Pali, Samode, Chittorgarh, Rankapur, Khairwa, Luni, Gajner, Chandelao, etc are some Famous Villages in Rajasthan which make for a relaxing as well as learning Rajasthan Village Tour Packages.


  • Samode Village: A visit to Samode village is a great combination of rural life with a twist of heritage and culture. This village is better to be explored by a camel life. Here you can wander the historical lanes and talk to the locals. A tour of this village is a great way of introduction to the present rural life. The Samode Palace in the village is also a much visit. Along with that, in the evening there is a cultural function which is a no miss. In this function the locals play numerous types of rare and rather unique instruments and sing folk songs, also there are local dances too.
  • Mandawa Village: Shekhavati in Rajasthan is famous for its Havelis, wall paintings, and mural paintings and within the centre of Shekhavati region is situated the Mandawa town. In the past, this was a market town and was frequented by wealthy merchants and thus the beautiful baolis and Havelis adorn this town. Later on, the merchants had migrated from here and these structures were left abandoned. But the beauty of it still remains. A tour of the Mandawa Castle, in which no one room is same, and has garden frequented by peacocks, is a must-visit here. Also, it is now converted into a heritage hotel so that, a stay here is great to experience the lifestyle of the wealthy merchant families of the past.
  • Bishnoi Village: The word ‘Bishnoi’ is supposedly derived from ‘Bish’ meaning twenty and ‘noi’ meaning nine. This village folks follow 29 principles which you can, of course, know more about by interacting with the people. The Bishnoi tribe occupying this village lives in small mud huts which are round and have thatched roofs, and are clean nevertheless. Some of the villagers here are engaged in the art of pottery, they are also known for their block printing work, while many carryout agriculture and are shepherds. Some are even involved in fields of defence and information technology. Chitchatting with the locals, and learning about their skills is a must while touring this village.
  • Chandelao VillageThis is an idyllic village place which is away from the chaos of the city. The stay here is sure to get you refreshed with its scenic beauty and typically Rajasthani local lifestyle. The village is small with a population of just 2000 people who live in the village. The main attraction is Chandelao is the Chandelao Garh, which is the home of the Generals of the Marwar. Their descendants today have converted this Garh into a homestay which welcomes everyone with a ‘khamma ghani
  • Khuri VillageThe Sam Sand Dunes in the Thar Desert are well known and well visited by tourists, however, the Khuri Sand Dunes are comparatively less frequented, and thus makes a great place to visit and go camping. Even with the various camps in place, this village has escaped commercialization and retains its rural outlook such that small village huts of the people are in harmony with a few buildings. This village can be toured on a camel and the evening can be spent at a bonfire while listening to folk music and viewing Kalbeliya dance. Stargazing is another activity to enjoy here.


Rural Rajasthan has a rather Rustic air about it. This state is multicultural and the heart of the local folks is as colourful as their attires. If you wish to understand them, you need to converse with them, observe them in their natural habitat. Hence, Wheelzonrent designed a number of Village Tour Packages In India and has brought for you a Rustic Rajasthan Villages Tour by which you can come closer to discovering the lifestyle of the common folks while being away from the busy city life and its pollution and being more close to nature. To enjoy a pollution-free and back to roots tour, book now our 5 Nights, 6 Days Rajasthan Village Tour Packages.

  • Day 01: Delhi – Jaipur Delhi to Jaipur for an hour, crossing aerial distance of 231 km. You’ll be received by our representative and travel 54 km for about half an hour and reach Samod Village. Tour the village, interact with the villagers, visit the palace, enjoy the evening cultural performance and live with the locals. Get as much information about the interesting rare instruments. Lunch and Dinner will be in village.
  • Day 02: Samod – MandawaEarly morning, pack up, have fulfilling authentic Rajasthani breakfast and leave for Mandawa. Travel 2 hours 30 minutes, crossing 143 km and reach Mandawa village. Tour the village, appreciate the Havelis and baolis, interact with locals, observe their lifestyle, and explore the castle, have dinner and rest. Do keep your bags ready for tomorrow.
  • Day 03: Mandawa – BishnoiWake up early in the morning, have sumptuous breakfast at Mandawa Castle, and move towards our next interesting location of Bishnoi. You’ll journey to cross 300 km in about 6 hours to reach Bishnoi Village by early afternoon. Tour this traditional Rajasthani Village and get to know the Bishnoi Tribe which is well known for its sustainable lifestyle which is focused on agriculture, nature, animal conservation. Appreciate their skills and if interested, do try to create some of your own. Enjoy lunch, dinner and stay in the Village.
  • Day 04: Bishnoi – ChandelaoAfter breakfast, travel 20 km to reach Chandelao Village within half an hour. Go sightseeing and chitchatting with the locals in this small village with merely 2000 populous. Have a proper traditional lunch with the locals. Visit the Chandelao Garh, explore and relax. The dinner and stay is at the Garh itself.
  • Day 05: Chandelao – KhuriWake up early in the morning, have sumptuous breakfast, and move on to Khuri. Travel about 370 km to reach Khuri Sand Dunes by afternoon after travelling for about 6 hours. Camping in the dessert is a feature of Khuri you cannot miss. Settle in your tent, and then rest, or go on to explore the Khuri village. In the evening, there’ll be bonfire and cultural dance and song performances. Just for the fun of it, request for some hit Bollywood number which they might know, so that you get to hear the unique combination of traditional folk instruments, rustic Rajasthani voice, and popular Hindi lyrics. Enjoy a proper Rajasthani Thali. Don’t miss the sweet ‘Churma’ and then rest for the night.
  • Day 06: Jodhpur – DelhiEarly morning catch the sunrise with camel safari. The safari will be through the village so that you’ll be able to observe the village life from the back of your camel to. Bring out the child in you and after reaching the desert dunes on camel back, run rampant on the sand dunes. You can even keep some sand as souvenir. Leave the Khuri village late in morning, travel about 331 km in about 5 hours to reach Jodhpur.
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  • Driver Tip
  • Shopping
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