Uttar Pradesh Village Tour Packages

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Uttar Pradesh Village Tour Packages


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Duration : 3 Nights / 4 Days
Places to Visit: Daniyalpur | Chiraigaon | Rameshwar | Jayapur


India is a land of many; it is the second most populated country and the world’s largest economy. The major occupation of India till date is Agriculture and about 60% of the Indian population still lives in villages. Thus, if one is to truly tour India, it is inevitable that a rural tour is done so that one can get intimately acquainted with the real India. Uttar Pradesh with its rough roads, agriculture fields, cattle barns, ancient communities, poor but smiling villagers, make a great Destination for Village Tourism in Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is situated in Uttar Pradesh and is a well known spiritual hub. Along with its spiritual background, Varanasi is famous for its traditional silk sarees which are woven on handloom or power loom by artisans in Villages in Uttar Pradesh. This craft dates back to the Mughal Period 14th Century and is still an integral part of some villages in Varanasi so that weaving is an occupation carried out along with agriculture. We at Wheelzonrent with our Uttar Pradesh Village Tour Package take you on a tour of rural Varanasi to experience the rural life, away from the city’s pollution and concrete jungle, right into the lap of nature. The villages included in our tour are Sarai Mohana/ Lallapura/ Daniyalpur village which have blessed hands that weave the beautiful Banarasee silk saree, and Banarasee brocade. Also, a tour of Rameshwar Village, Chiraigaon, Jayapur Villages is included in this tour. Our Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages will be a tour of the agriculture fields and the hands that toil here, the milk and the cattle that produce them, the banarasee silk sarees and the hands that weave them.


  • Interaction With The Locals:The main aim of our village tours is that tourists can leave behind their daily robotic life and spend a few days in nature, and among people who are one with nature. Thus, communicating with people of the village which you are touring is an unwritten requirement. The more you interact with them, the more you’ll understand their lifestyle. By observing, you’ll see what is being done; but by talking, you’ll understand the ‘why’ behind it.
  • Agriculture Field Visit:Rice and wheat are the major crops grown in Uttar Pradesh, sugar cane is also cultivated. It is the largest producer of wheat and sugarcane in India. Along with that many seasonal vegetables are cultivated so much so that it is also the second-largest producer of fresh Vegetables in India. Also, it cultivates pulses and is the second-largest pulse producing state. Thus, without doubt, agriculture is an important occupation and an important aspect in day to day life in Uttar Pradesh. In this tour, you’ll be visiting the agriculture field in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh to observe and learn about the various agricultural practices.
  • Cattle / Dairy Farm Visit: Dairy farms are an integral part of Uttar Pradesh Rural life. Most of the time, the barn for animals is situated within the house itself as milking is an everyday process and milk is a major source of income. Thus, a visit to the Dairy farm is a must while on a village tour in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Visit The Silk Saree Weavers: With the 1603 Gujarat famine, the silk weavers had transferred from Gujarat to Varanasi, and thus started the experience of generations work. The famous Banarasi Sarees in India are woven from skilled weavers from around Varanasi. Sarai Mohana, Lallapura, Daniyalpur are a few villages to name which are blessed with skilled silk weavers. Silk mainly from Bangalore is used and the power loom is used to weave the sari’s basic structure.  Even handlooms are used sometimes. In the whole trade of the Banarasee sarees, these weavers are the skill behind the 6 yards of silk, however, they get the short end of the deal and earn much less, and thus the situation is becoming grave with future generations wanting to shy away from this less income gaining occupation. It thus becomes a must to visit these weavers to see their skills and communicate with them to understand the intricacies of weaving and lacking in compensations.
  • Visit Papaya Farm: Much near to the central Varanasi city is the Daniyalpur village which is rather well known for not just for its fine silk weaver, but also for its papaya farms, and as such a visit to the Papaya farms here is a no miss.
  • Visit Guava Orchard: Guavas of a rather special variety are grown in Chiraigaon and are well known in Varanasi. Thus, a visit to the Guava Orchard is included in our tour so that information about guava farming can be known.
  • Visit Sanskrit School And Ashrams: The Rameshwar village in Uttar Pradesh has a Sanskrit school and number of ashrams which are the centers for religious and spiritual activity. A visit to them is included in our tour.
  • Breathe Unpolluted Air: Villages near the small villages weaving around the holy city of Varanasi like the plethora of other villages in India, is able to provide that one feature which the cities are lacking in i.e. Fresh air. Village tours offer you a breath of fresh air and that too pollution free which is one of the best features of our village tours.
  • Cooking And Eating Traditional Cuisine: Every village has its own cuisines and there are variations in cooking from village to village so that villages have their own unique tastes. The reason for the village food being lip-smacking is that the villagers grow their own food, the vegetables are seasonal and freshly plucked from the fields and cooked and that makes the traditional cuisine of villages to be healthy and tasty.
  • Learning To Stoke The Chula: Chula is the traditional stove which is used for cooking of food and found in most of the houses in villages of Uttar Pradesh. As there are ample of cattle, dried cow dung cakes along with firewood are major sources of fuel used to stoke the chulas, you’ll also get to see the entire process of how Chula is stoked.
  • Preparing Cattle Feed:The cattle are reared in Villages in Uttar Pradesh for milk so that the feed given to the cattle is a factor which is of importanceand on this tour, you can get the experience yourself to prepare the feed for the cattle.


Villages in Uttar Pradesh and specifically surrounding the holy city Varanasi/Banaras are well known for growing vegetables, fruits, and also their milk production so that Village Tour Packages In India gives us a tour to help us understand how the lives of the villages are engaged in agriculture and allied activities and how sustainably the conduct their lives. No wonder, the villages are pollution free and thus Village Tourism in Uttar Pradesh is slowly but surely gaining importance. To experience the wonder of how the Country’s favorite Banarasee sarees are woven by the hands of few people, to be able to observe their skills, do give us a call at Wheelzonrent or directly book our 3 Nights, 4 Days Uttar Pradesh Village Tour Package.

  • Day 01: Delhi – DaniyalpurYou’ll be greeted by your host family in Daniyalpur. Settle in the house, have lunch and go for a detailed tour of the village along with your host. This village is famous for having a number of silk weavers who are engaged in weaving Banarasee Sarees. Sarai Mohan, Lallapura, etc. are other villages who have silk weavers and are options which may be included in our other packages in Uttar Pradesh Rural Tour. Today you’ll be invested in interacting and observing the silk weavers, how they weave the silk banarasee sarees. Other than that, you’ll be visiting the Papaya farms in Daniyalpur which are rather famous in Varanasi. Learn all you want to know about papaya farming, if interested try a few activities such as plucking papaya, applying fertilizer, etc. Return to your hosts’ house, learn how the traditional cuisine is prepared, and try to stoke Chulha for cooking dinner on it. Have dinner, pack and keep your bags ready, and rest for the night.
  • Day 02: Exploring the Chiraigaon VillageWake up early morning to the chirping birds, have sumptuous breakfast and leave to travel to Chiraigaon within 40 minutes by crossing 25 km. Meet and greet your host family, settle down and go for a tour of the village. Observe the everyday lifestyle of the villagers. Have lunch, visit the agricultural fields and dairy farms. Bathe the cattle, prepare their food, try a buffalo ride. Also visit the Guava orchards, and if possible see the process of preparing pickles and jams, which are prepared here. Return back to the house in late evening, have dinner and rest for the night.
  • Day 03: Exploring Rameshwar and JayapurEarly morning after breakfast, board our bus and visit Rameshwar Village which is 26km and 40 minutes from Chiraigaon. This village has many ashrams which are spiritual and religious centres and we’ll be visiting them. Also we’ll visit a Sanskrit school which is located within this village. Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages known in India and is the language of the revered. However, it is rather rare to find a Sanskrit School. Have lunch in the village and travel for about 45 minutes to cross 23 km to reach Jayapur. This is the village which is adopted by our Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modiji and you’ll be touring this village to learn about the lifestyle of the villagers here. After that travel 50km back to Chiraigaon. Upon reaching Chiraigaon, relax, have dinner, get your bags packed and sleep.
  • Day 04: Chiraigaon – DelhiIn the morning wake up, have a fulfilling breakfast, thank your hosts and leave to return to Delhi.
Package Includes
  • Breakfast
  • Sightseeing
  • Meal included
  • Transportation
  • Comfortable Bed
Package Excludes
  • Monument Entry Fee
  • Driver Tip
  • Shopping
  • Everything which is not included in “Includes”

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