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Duration : 2 Nights / 3 Days
Places to Visit: Jeolikote | Peora | Sarmoli | Mana


A part of the North of India, Uttarakhand is the ‘Land of Gods’ within which humans exist. Vastly known and coveted for its spiritual standing within the country, Uttarakhand, is peppered with small hamlets and villages overlooking scenic locations, vast number of hills, snow-capped mountain peaks, golden rays reflecting on the ice, the milky waterfalls, misty surroundings, stretched orchards and plantations, and much more. The villages are an abode to villagers who mostly follow the old way of life and are in harmony with nature. Surviving the mountains and being able to live sustainably is the purpose of their lifestyle. Also, the people here have much religious beliefs and are great devotees. And thus, Uttarakhand Rural Tour is more like rural tourism, eco-tourism and spiritual-tourism, all rolled in one. There are a number o Villages in Uttarakhand which make for a great village tour such as Chaukori, Chopta, Goat Village, Kalap, Kalsi, Kanakchauri, Kanatal, Kausani, Khati, Khirsu, Mana, Mori, Munsiyari, Pangot, Raithal, etc. We at Wheelzonrent have a number of Uttarakhand Village Tour Packages covering tour of one or many of these villages.

At the border of Tibet and India, lies within the Chamoli district the ‘last village’ of India – the ‘Mana Village’. Situated near the Pilgrimage site of Badrinath, located along the banks of Saraswati River at a an altitude as high as 3219 m  above the sea level, designated by the Uttarakhand Government as a ‘Tourism Village’, Mana is a quaint pilgrim village which is the highlight of our Uttarakhand Tour Packages. Blessed with spiritual history, coupled with hot springs, natural bridges, and mountains, Mana makes for a great rural, trekking and pilgrim experience.


  • Interaction With The Locals: Mana is populated by the Mongol Tribes and the people of this village are referred to as Bhotias. The villagers have small wooden cottages for their abode and their homes are beautifully carved and decorated. The people of Mana are very friendly to talk to and proud of their heritage. Being much close to Badrinath, tourists can be found walking through the village to get to Bheem Pul which is a well known tourist spot which calls upon to the trekking enthusiasts, so that the locals are used to interacting and pointing out the directions and even explaining the mythological history of the place. However, being a part of the rural tour, be sure to enquire more about their everyday life.

You’ll be staying with a host family in the village, so that you’ll be interacting more with that family.

  • Wearing Traditional OutfitsMana being located in Himalayas, sheep rearing is a common practice in this place is well known for its wool and woollen garments such a caps, mufflers, shawls, carpet, ashan, etc. The temperature being rather cool, you can try buying and wearing the traditional woollen garments available here. pankhi (a thin blanket made of sheep wool),
  • Walk Along The Bheem Pul: Bheem Pul is a stone which acts as a bridge on the Saraswati River. This Pul/bridge is not a construction, but natural bridge and is supposedly said to be built by Bheem to help Draupadi cross over the river when the Pandavas were moving on their heavenwards journey. Walking on this bridge situated in Mana is an experience to indulge in.
  • Tasting The Delicious Traditional CuisineThe Mongol tribe of Mana is well known for its kidney beans and potatoes. Also other seasonal vegetables make an important part of its cuisine. A special dish made of fried potatoes is Pinalu Gutuk and is a must try. Being close to religious places, mostly the cuisine is vegetarian and still much savory and delicious.
  • Learn Cooking The Traditional CuisineYou’ll be staying with your designated host family and the food will be home cooked food. While the food is being cooked, you can interact and take lessons, learn various recopies and even try helping out so that you get your own cooking 101 classes from the lady of the house.
  • Livestock RearingThe people rear livestock such as sheep, horses, donkeys. Sheep are reared for their wool, where as horses and donkeys are helpful in transportation. These animals are often used as a source of income to carry tourists to and fro to reach places of height. You can get to observe and try out various livestock rearing activities such as feeding, washing, grooming, shearing, etc. You can also experience rides of the reared animals.
  • Partaking In Agriculture ActivitiesThe people in Mana grow various seasonal vegetables including potatoes and kidney beans, peas, etc. You can get an firsthand experience of doing some of the agriculture activities, such as plucking fruits and vegetables, watering, applying fertilizers, etc.


Village tours are all about getting intimate knowledge of everyday life of the rural folks. And most importantly, the villages included in Village Tour Packages In India are those which are situated in the lap of nature, much far away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Villages in Uttarakhand make an ideal Rural tourism destination due to mostly being situated in mountains which call for the people in villages to have adaptive lifestyle rather than progressive ones, and many villages have retained their old ways. Hence to experience Uttarakhand at its more crude and natural state, book our Uttarakhand Village Tour Packages.

  • Day 01: Delhi – JeolikoteDelhi To Dehradun, crossing about 207 km  transfer you to Jeolikote village by crossing 275km within 7 and half hours. Greet you host family, relax, adjust to your surroundings, communicate with host family, try your hand at cooking, have lip smacking dinner and rest for the night
  • Day 02: Exploring the Jeolikote VillageWake up early morning, have breakfast and go on a tour of the Jelikote Village. Situated In the Nainital Districh, this village is a gatekeeper to the Naini Lake. Horticulture and floriculture are important aspects of the life in Jelikote. Many seasonal flowers along with fruits are grown here. Thus, you get to visit the flower and fruit orchards here. Also, Honeybee rearing is done here, so that while touring this hill station village, you can observe how honeybees are bred and then how honey is extracted. Spend some time in butterfly and bird watching. Have dinner; keep your bags packed for tomorrow, and sleep.
  • Day 03: Exploring the Peora VillageIn the morning, after breakfast, travel 66km within 2 hours to reach the Peora village. This village is called the ‘fruit bowl of Uttrakahand’ and filled with orchards of peaches, pears, plums, etc. All these orchards can be explored; the various activities being done in these orchards can be observed and even be partaken in. Have lunch. Also, here you can visit ‘Arohi’, which is a social organization working towards well-being and development within the communities within the mountains of Uttarakhand. Late afternoon leave Peora village to ride 220km within 8 hours to reach the Sarmoli Village in Munsyari by late evening. You’ll be staying at a home stay in Sarmoli.
  • Day 04: Exploring the Sarmoli VillageWake up to the chirping of birds early in the morning. Sarmoli village is situated within the mountains in Uttarakhand and is a unique combination of technology and nature. The people of Sarmori while following their traditions are ready to accept technology within their lives. You can even find an Instagram page run by the people of Munsyari. These mountains are blessed with a variety of flowers, fruits, mushrooms and also varieties of butterflies, birds, etc. can be found here. The people here are slowly progressing, and the progress is a sustainable one. You can interact with locals and learn about their lifestyle. What makes this village much unique that it is exposed to the tourists as there is a multi- day arts festival called Himal Kalasutra celebrated here along with other surrounding villages and tourists also become a part of it. Try out the traditional spicy lemon dish called as chook is possible, and also get to see how baskets are woven from bamboos, which is a good option for plastic bags. There is much to learn and observe about sustainable living from this small village. Return to your home stay, have dinner, keep your bags packed and ready, rest for the night.
  • Day 05: Sarmoli to ManaIn morning, after breakfast, leave Sarmoli to reach mana by crossing 366km within 13 hours. Have lunch in between the journey. Reach Mana Village by late evening, meet and greet your host family with whom you’ll be staying. Unpack, try your hand at cooking the local cuisine, have dinner, and rest for the night
  • Day 06: Exploring the Mana VillageWake up early morning, get ready and go on a tour of the village. Your host will be taking you through the village telling you about its rich cultural history, and the present workings, explaining to you their everyday life. Be sure to quest your curiosity by questioning away and do try your hand at various farming and animal rearing activities. Also try cooking the food and get a taste of the traditional cuisine. Go crossing the Bheem Pul which is at walking distance. If you are interested in a bit of adventure, there is a trek further of the Bheem Pul. Have dinner and leave for an overnight journey to Sankri
  • Day 07: Exploring SankriReach Sankari by afternoon after crossing 455 km from Mana. You’ll be staying in with the family residing in the village in their warm and cozy wooden house. Have lunch there and rest for the day. Soak in the beautiful surroundings and interact with your hosts. Cook with your hosts the local cuisine; enjoy dinner with the family and rest.
  • Day 08: Sankri to DelhiWake up early in the morning, and have a fulfilling breakfast. Your hosts will take you on the tour of the village. Early afternoon, pack your bags, thank your hosts and travel 220km within 7hr 20 minutes to reach the Dehradun to Delhi.
Package Includes
  • Breakfast
  • Sightseeing
  • Meal included
  • Transportation
  • Comfortable Bed
Package Excludes
  • Monument Entry Fee
  • Driver Tip
  • Shopping
  • Everything which is not included in “Includes”

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